Focusing on foundation activities

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For amounts of 1 million Swiss francs or above we offer you the opportunity to establish a separate fund under the umbrella of the UZH Foundation. This can be either done by taking over a formerly independent foundation or making a donation into a new fund. This fund is consolidated in the accounts of the UZH Foundation and disclosed in separate financial statements.

What does a fund offer to you?

  • An advisory board, of which the original founders and donors can be members
  • Funding guidelines set up specifically for the trust
  • An individual name, which can also be the same as the founder’s name
  • Separate financial records
  • Online presence on the website of the UZH Foundation, raising the trust’s profile
  • Asset management through the UZH Foundation according to prevailing investment guidelines

Who should consider establishing a fund?
If at least one of the following criteria applies to you we would be happy to discuss in person how we can realize your wish to establish a foundation together and save costs.

  • You want to establish a foundation but have less than the 10 million Swiss francs as recommended by SwissFoundations?
  • Your current independent foundation has no longer the appropriate size to keep its business and funding activities ongoing?
  • You want to donate 1 million Swiss francs or more to UZH and wish to play a role in determining the purpose of your donation?

Your benefits

  • You save costs, since you don’t have to pay audit, advisor, or accounting fees.
  • Your fund attains visibility and drawing power thanks to its connection with the University of Zurich.
  • You can follow the fund’s activities and learn more about topics and experts at Switzerland’s largest university.

The following funds have already been successfully set up or integrated under the umbrella of the UZH Foundation:

  • Fund for Medical Research
  • Fund for Medical Teaching and Learning

Make an appointment

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss your options in person.