Ten individuals from the world of economics, politics, education, and culture make up the Board of Trustees. The Board membership is unsalaried.

Dr. Peter F. Weibel
President of the Board
President of Allocation Committee
Former CEO PwC Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Michael Hengartner
Vice President of the Board
Member of Acceptance Committee
President of the University of Zurich

Dr. Peter R. Isler
President UZH Alumni
President Finance Committee
Business Lawyer

Schaepman web 160x155
Prof. Dr. Michael Schaepman
Member of Allocation Committee
Vice President Research UZH
Meyer web 160x155
Prof. em. Dr. Conrad Meyer
Member Finance Committee
Business economist

Dr. Claudia Steinfels
Art historian

Dr. Eveline Saupper
Member of Acceptance Committee
Lawyer and tax expert

Prof. em. Dr. Felix Gutzwiller
President of Acceptance Committee
Former FDP Ständerat

2web UZH Foundation Wenger Christian 63633 Bruederli
Dr. Christian Wenger
Lawyer Business and
Commercial Law


Dr. Martin Gubser
Managing Director

UZH Foundation
Culmannstrasse 1
CH-8006 Zurich
Telefon: +41 44 634 61 81

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