The UZH Foundation is a non-profit foundation in accordance with Art. 80 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code. The Foundation is seated in Zurich. 

All funds donated to the UZH Foundation are allocated exclusively to the University of Zurich. The members of the Foundations Board work on an honorary basis. 

Tax Advantages
The UZH Foundation is exempt from inheritance and gift tax. Donations and legacies may be deducted in accordance with the legal provisions.

Foundation Governance
The UZH Foundation is governed in full accordance with the Swiss Foundation Code. The Foundation's charter is defined by the Foundation Board. The Board meets for strategic decisions and is responsible for fulfilling the Foundation's purpose.

Wealth Management
Wealth management is governed by an investment policy of the UZH Foundation. Investments are monitored by the Foundation's Financial Committee. A secure return and sustainable profit in the mid and long term are in the center of the financial strategy.

Reporting is effected in accordance with the Swiss regulations for non-profit organizations (Swiss GAAP FER 21). PricewaterhouseCoopers is the appointed auditor of the UZH Foundation.

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